We’re extremely excited to announce that this April, Etah Love will become the new women’s line for Clocks + Colours, joining forces to kick-off a new journey as one brand.

After months of discussions with our incredible teams who work tirelessly on both brands to bring you the best damn silver jewelry on the planet. It became clear to us that in order to achieve the goals we’ve set out for our women’s products, we needed to join forces — one team, one brand, forever.

Etah Love came to life in 2019, we wanted to offer something more distinctly feminine — but still tough, in smaller sizes, smaller in scale, and with the quality our customers at Clocks + Colours had come to love. We hit the ground running with it, but as the brand has grown over the years it’s become more and more difficult to manage. Having separate teams work on both brands was causing us to split resources and double our work loads. We did what it took to grow our little idea into something we never could have imagined it being, but ultimately, we decided the future is brighter for everyone if we do it together.

Our two brands have always existed hand in hand, and this is by no means the end of the spirit of Etah Love, simply a new beginning with a bigger main stage.


What's changing for Etah Love? 

Etahlove.com: Our website will remain active as we work to sell through the discontinued Etah Love products. What’s left here will be last call (so get it while you can). Come April, our bestsellers will be rebranded and moved over to the Clocks + Colours website, along with all new product drops. 

One-Stop Shopping: You will be able to conveniently explore and shop both men's and women's collections on a single website—clocksandcolours.com.

Loyalty Program: You will be able to benefit from exclusive offers, discounts, and promotions as part of the Heavy Metals Club. We value your loyalty and want to better show our appreciation.

More Product Selection: We will be able offer a wider range of products, styles, sizes, and designs. Get ready to explore a more diverse and exciting selection of jewelry, clothing, homegoods, eyewear, and more!

Shared Resources: We will be able to leverage shared resources to enhance product development, customer service, and operational efficiency. This means a better experience for you.

Branding: Naturally, as we make the move to join Clocks + Colours as their  women's collection, we will be discontinuing the use of the name Etah Love, and will be aligning with all Clocks + Colours branding. 

EU Shipping: The women’s line will be made available on clocksandcolours.eu for faster shipping to our EU customers from our Portugal warehouse. More EU shipping info can be found here!

What Won’t Be Changing

Your Most Loved Pieces: We’ll be carrying over all of our best selling pieces, but if it’s currently on sale, you should grab it while you can! Items in our sale section will not be moving over to clocksandcolours.com.

Consistent Quality: Etah Love and Clocks + Colours have always worked with the same artisans to create our pieces. Rest assured, the high-quality craftsmanship that we are known for will continue. No changes here!

Policies & Warranty: We will not be making any changes to our lifetime warranty, 30 day exchange & returns window, or, our offer of free shipping on all orders over $50. Your past Etah Love purchases will continue to be covered under our lifetime warranty as well!

Mailing and SMS Lists: 
No need to resubscribe! There will be a seamless transition from Etah Love email and SMS to Clocks + Colours. so you can remain up to date on new drops, sales, and promotions even after we merge. Keep an eye on your inbox for more info!

Brand Integrity: Both Clocks + Colours and Etah Love have their unique values. We are committed to maintaining the distinct identity and mission of each brand while ensuring a seamless merger.

Love Letter: Our lovely readers, do not worry. The Love Letter will live on. It may get a new name, or a facelift—but we WILL stay in touch.

Our Socials: 
When the time comes, you will see us changing the handles of our socials, but it’s still us! Follow along for all the amazing changes to come. 


Q: Why are Clocks + Colours and Etah Love merging?
A: The merger represents a strategic move to offer our customers a more diverse and comprehensive range of products and a seamless shopping experience on one website. By joining forces, we can provide you with even more choices and styles to explore without shopping separate websites!

Q: Will the product quality and design change with the merger?
A: Not at all! We are committed to maintaining the high-quality craftsmanship and standards associated with Etah Love and will continue working with the same artisans we always have. Your trust in our product quality and love for our original designs remains our top priority.

Q: What will happen with my Etah Love order history?
A: Rest assured, your purchase history will not be lost! We will be able to access your purchase history as needed and are exploring ways to carry this information into your new customer account.

Q: Will the unique identity of Etah Love and Clocks + Colours be preserved in the merger?
A: Yes, we value the distinct identity and mission of both brands. The merger aims to preserve these values while enhancing the overall customer experience.

Q: How will the merger affect my orders or returns?
A: Your orders and return processes will remain the same. We are dedicated to providing seamless customer service throughout and after the merger.

Q: What benefits will loyal customers receive as part of the Loyalty Program?
A: Loyal customers of both brands can look forward to exclusive offers, lifetime discounts, early access to new drops, and more as we continue to develop the Loyalty Program. We appreciate your loyalty and want to better show our gratitude.

Q: Will there be any changes in pricing with the merger?
A: No changes here! Our pricing will remain competitive and fair, just as it has always been. We are committed to offering you excellent value for your money.

Q: What new products can we expect to see with the merger?
A: The merger allows us to introduce a wider range of products, styles, and designs. You can anticipate fresh and innovative offerings in both men's and women's collections.

How will the merger affect customer support and communication?
A: The merger enables us to provide even better customer support, with faster response times and more comprehensive assistance. We are committed to keeping you well-informed throughout the process. So reach out any time!

Q: Will there be changes in the website or shopping experience due to the merger?
A: The merger aims to enhance your shopping experience. You'll be able to conveniently shop for both men's and women's collections on a single website (clocksandcolous.com), making it easier and more enjoyable. 

Q: What happens with my Gift Card or Store Credit balance?
A: If you have any remaining balance on store credit or gift cards after the website merger, we’re happy to issue you a new code for clocksandcolours.com - just reach out to info@clocksandcolours.com for assistance!

Have a question we didn't answer? Please do contact us any time at info@etahlove.com